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HERE (2021) live installation


HERE is a live installation composed of a four-hour loop that repeats itself based on the opening hours of the hosting institution, inviting visitors to share time and presence with six dancers. For the duration of several weeks the dancers navigate a choreography that unfolds at a decelerated pace within a golden sculptural environment. Embedded in a sound composition, a female voice fades in and out, counting the seconds passing by, from 1 to 14,399, underlining the eternal succession of time.Immersed in this steady continuum, the dancers’ movements create a situation of everchanging presence, one that demonstrates the slippery nature of “here-ness”.


Performers: Elena Antoniou, Maria Hassabi, Michael Helland, Alice Heyward, Oisín Monaghan, Robert Steijn.
Sound design: Stavros Gasparatos, Maria Hassabi
Outfits: Victoria Bartlett
Architectural Study: Maria Maneta, Maria Hassabi
Production Management: Eva Theofanidou, Natasha Katerinopoulos


– OGR, Turin, Italy (Feb 24 – March 27, 2022)
– Secession, Vienna Austria with Wiener Festwochen (May 14 – June 20, 2021)


HERE is commissioned by Vienna Secession and Wiener Festwochen and co-produced with Onassis Culture, Athens, and OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Torino. Developed with the support of Milvus Artistic Research Center (MARC), Knislinge, Sweden and Onassis Stegi, Athens.