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INTERMISSION (2013) Live installation


“Think of a volcano that moves slow, takes its time and attempts to be still. Trembles and tension become the motion. Separated at adolescence, sculpture and dance move towards a shared destination where they are inseparable like Gilbert and George. 17 steps on the south wing, 18 steps on the north one are made out of pauses, interruptions, loops and delays. To commemorate it several living sculptures from one or two countries may arrive.”
Raimundas Malašauskas, Curator, “oO”, Cyprus and Lithuanian Pavilion


Intermission #1
Performed by: Hristoula Harakas, Maria Hassabi and Paige Martin

Intermission #2
Performed by volunteers and artists including: Iris Touliatou, Ben Evans, KroOt Juurak, and Alisa Snaider



– Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia (October 10-November 23)

– “oO”, Cyprus and Lithuanian Pavilion, 55th International Art Exhibition — Venice Biennale (May 28-June 4)



“This was easily the most striking and beautiful new work I saw in Venice.”
ARTFORUM, Claire Bishop, September 2013


Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture