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SKETCH ONE (2000) 7 minutes


A machine programmed to repeat the same task, no change, no variation in time, or outcome/ a body programmed to repeat a phrase, the timing is never exact, the weight shifts, the body grows tired, an exact attempt is never possible.

Sketch one examines how one phrase that is choreographically the same, changes with time, in rhythm and weight, the performer grows tired; through repetition the abstract phrase evolves into language.


Directed & Performed by: Maria Hassabi
Music: Azores
Costumes: Nicholas Petrou



– Diana Von Fustenberg Theater, NY
– Premiere: Fresh Tracks, Dance Theater Workshop, NY (February 27, 28 & March 6, 7)

– Dixon Place, NY



“In an evening of convincing performers and hyper-aware dancers who demand you watch, Maria Hassabi stood out”
THE DANCE INSIDER, Jill Emerson, 2001