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DEAD IS DEAD (2004) 68 minutes


Dead is Dead explores an over-stimulating urban environment through the collision of multiple realities. Images are constantly reshuffled, juxtaposed and confused. Dead is Dead creates a swirling space of chaos – a hurricane of the melodramatic and anguished and slowly exposes the peaceful eye embedded within the storm. Six performers fuse their individuality, talents, passions and misfortunes to reflect the random impulses that spring from this heightened environment that they have created.


Directed by: Maria Hassabi
Performers: Caitlin Cook, Jessie Gold, Hristoula Harakas, Maria Hassabi, Michael Portnoy, Jeremy Wade.
Music: Spencer Sweeney with Ben Brunnemer
Dead is Dead song: Michael Portnoy
Costumes: As Four
Lighting: Jonathan Belcher
Set design: Maria Hassabi and Marcos Rosales
Backdrop: Dash Snow, Nico Dios
Photo Collage: Marcos Rosales
Production: Jesse Berg, Patrick Townsend
Photography: Jason Schmidt



– Premiere: Dance Theater Workshop, NY (December 9-11)
– LEXDance’s Under the Radar Residency Program, Lexington, NY (September)



“Hassabi subjects us to a bombardment of violent, gaudy, hypercharged images drawn from popular culture and fashion, carrying them to drastic extremes. It is greatly to her credit that she can present the urban fast life as a train wreck yet remain in control of her material.”
THE VILLAGE VOICE, Deborah Jowitt, December 28th 2004



Dead is Dead was commissioned by the Bessie Schonberg/First Light commissioning program of Dance Theater Workshop with funds from the Jerome Foundation and with additional support from the New York State DanceForce and the generous support from anonymous donors.