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TOGETHER (2019) 53 minutes


“Together has a simple title for a complicated question: how to be together? We will also ask: how to be together when everything is falling apart? The contact between the two bodies,  like a spark, occurs: cheek to cheek, head to head, forehead to forehead, then nose to nose and almost mouth to mouth, the infinite tenderness of this desert couple tries to calm the panic pre–apocalyptique”.

Léa Poiré for MOUVEMENT magazine culturel indisciplinaire, May 17, 2019

Performers: Hristoula Harakas / Maria Hassabi, Oisín Monaghan
Sound Design: Stavros Gasparatos
Outfits: Victoria Bartlett



-Gropius Bau | Berliner Festpiele, Berlin, Germany (January 23, 24)


– Buffalo | Grandipianure, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy (June 2)
– MUDAM Luxembourg Museum, Luxembourg (May 18,19)
– Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland (May 2)
– Premiere: Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St Louis (April 5,6)



TOGETHER (2019) was commissioned by the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis, and supported by “Extended Life,” a program of the Lower Manhattan Council of the Arts. TOGETHER was developed through a residency at FLOOR, NYC.